Sunday, October 31, 2010

Books That Have Impacted my Life

I've been thinking about this blog post all week. There are so many books that I recall as important, it was hard to pick just one. Finally, I decided to pick two books - one from my childhood and one that currently impacts my work.

The first book that made an impact was The Golden Book of Fairy Tales. I got my copy on my 10th birthday from my aunt and uncle. I wasn't able to read all of the stories but I poured over the illustrations, drinking deeply into my imagination as I heard the stories read aloud. I remember counting the fingers in one of the illustrations, checking to see if this was before or after the sister cut off her finger to save her brothers. These were not the politically correct versions kids get now. They were scary and sad and universal in the richness of their stories. I just loved them!

Fast forward to recent times. My next selection is A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. I named this blog based on the Design chapter. But story, another chapter in the book, also speaks deeply to me. We connect to each other by story. It is telling that my favorite book from my childhood was a storybook. 

I hope the stories I tell in this blog connect with you, my gentle reader, and lead you back to read more!

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  1. Ooooh, I remember those not "politically correct" fairy tales. I ran across some at my grandmother's house when my daughter was young. I remember thinking, "You guys read these stories to me? Yikes!" But the illustrations were way more imaginative than the Disney stories of today. And I LOVE A Whole New Mind. One of my favorites. Thanks for sharing yours!