Monday, February 14, 2011

Reflections: A Quiet Place

Deep down inside, there is a quiet place. To get there you have to start past the bright, electronic lights and the beckoning sirens song of the Internet. The visuals come by you fast and quick. If you close your eyes, and can keep your hands from touching the screen, you can pass by without them touching you very deeply. 

The next level is lite by incandescent lights and the unnatural glow and sounds from a television blaring at you, sucking you into the mindless pool of inactivity. A simple click of a remote can silence this beast but beware: the sound of silence afterward can be uncomfortable.

Passing next is the gentle glow of a candle, and the softness of a down comforter. It is easy to curl up in a ball, surrounded by the gentle hug of sleep, and snuggle into a nap. Shake your head and clear the webs, because the journey is not yet done.

Finally, the quiet place is achieved. Upon arriving you notice someone there. An interesting person with a unique personality and individual characteristics. You may not recognize the individual, especially if it's been a long time since you visited your quiet place. But take a moment and get to know this unique individual. You may find you really like this individual or have missed being in touch. Pretty soon, though, you come to know who this individual is and how important it is to visit your quiet place. Because the essence of the the quiet place is the core of who we are, as individuals. It's important to be in touch with yourself and dwell within your quiet place. After all, if you don't take of you, who will?

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